About Us


We the management of Roshan Islamic Educational Trust have started 

”Roshan Islamic school” under the guidance of 


in order to strive hard to provide the intellectual framework and controlled judgement which would enable a child to make the considered and informed choice with the spiritual and moral norms of Islam, to strengthen the abilities of the Muslim youth of the nation from the beginning on religious basis.

To arrange extra-curricular education for the students of government madrasa and contemporary studies.
Arrangement of food and special arrangements for the students of systematic teaching and memorization of the Qur’an.
Memorizing the word of God with Tajweed.
According to the government rules, different languages for the students of madrasa will also be taught.
Since the first day, the institution has been busy with the above mentioned aims and objectives and is equally striving for all-round development.


  • Admissions of the students will be started after Ramadan every year.
  • Office timings for Admission will be 9:00AM TO 12:00PM.
  • Students will be selected according to their eligibility for the course prescribed.
  • Admission will be done through entrance exams in the presence of class teacher.
  • A copy of the academic report will be handed over to the corresponding teacher of each class, who will evaluate the educational status of the student based on his part of Recitation, Memorization & Revision.
    The evaluation Report will be further more sent to the senior teacher to Re-evaluate the student’s performance. If the performance is not found satisfactory then the student will be made to repeat the current sabaq till perfection. Thus, the academic record of every student is preserved.
  •  Monthly Parent teacher meeting will be held in order to keep the parents informed about their child’s progress.


  • According to the rules and regulations of memorization the student will be made to memorize from the last parah. 
  • Accordingly:
1st year :  SURAH-QAAF to AMMA PARAH(Complete).
2nd year:  ALIF LAAM MEEM to PARAH WA ALAMU(Complete).
3rd year:   YA’TAZIROON to PARAH AMMAN KHALAQA (Complete).
4th year :  UTHLUMA UUHIYA to PARAH  HA MEEM (Complete).
  • The student should at least recite 5 full repetitions of the Quran before completion of the course. The student should recite complete Quran Once in front of the principal without any mistake.


  • After the admission of the student he will be first taught about the tajweed rules and practice of Ta’wuz-Tasmiya and Surah Fatiha.
  •  After the complete practice the child will be sent to the principal for oral recitation test.
  • If found satisfactory Hifz course will be started for the child Insha Allah .


  • Our teacher will always keep in mind that the child recites and pronounces each word according to the correct tajweed rules.
  • We strictly observe that the child recites in a proper manner rather than speed recitation.
  • The child will be taught to recite in a loud and bold voice.
    Our teachers will make sure that the child reads his current Sabaq with proper tajweed and makharij rules before memorizing it.
  • The child will be given personal attention by the teacher in recitation and practice of his memorized part.
  • Sabaq Parah and Amoktha(revision) will be taken on daily basis for improvisation of his recital.
  • During memorization the child will also be taught the identification of Ruku’aat and Mutashabihaat accordingly.
  • Our teachers will also make sure that the child will not be de-motivated for small mistakes.
  • With utmost concentration the teachers will listen and rectify the Sabaq and Sabaq Parah on daily basis.


  • The teacher will listen to the complete sabaq parah daily if time constraints at least half Sabaq Parah will be listened.
  • After the complete recitation of the Sabaq parah the teacher in charge will send the child to the principal in order to evaluate.
  • After the approval from the principal next Sabaq parah will be started.
  • The progress of the child will be mentioned in the monthly progress card.


  • Surah Qaaf to Amma parah(Complete) half daily
  • Alif Laam Meem to Wa’alamu (Complete) 3/4th daily
  • Yataziroon to Ha, Meem (Complete) Full daily
  • Continuous revisions to be taken in order to enhance the quality of memorization.


  • It is necessary for the parents to continue the educational and moral evaluation after the admission of their child.
  • Parents should pay the food fee of their child on 5th of every month.
  • In case of any emergency kindly contact madrasa warden.
  • It is strictly prohibited for any student to have a mobile phone or any other electronic gadgets.
  • Parents are requested to maintain Islamic environment at home. kindly refrain your child from watching mobile phone, television etc.
  • Avoid irregularities: in case of many irregularities a fine of Rs: 100/- will be charged.
  • Parents co-operation is required for the smooth running of the madrasa.
  • Old students shall have fresh admission after payment of their previous tuition fee.
  • If the student discontinues before completing his studies. A fine of Rs.500/- will be charged of the particular year.
  • Students will have to abide by all the rules and regulations of madrasa. In case of violations the administrators have the right to take whatever action against the student.


  • Pure Intention: Gaining the decree of Hifz-ul-Quran or memorizing it should be only for 
  • the cause of Allah. It should not be for Monetary earning or show off in any Manner.
  • Respect for teachers/Staff:
    The Child should always respect his teachers.
  • The way you respect your teachers in Sha Allah your Hifz will also be in a good manner.
  • If the child meets the teacher any other place other than classroom he should convey Salaam and greet him in a proper manner.
  • The child should also try to complete any work given by the teacher in charge.
  • In case if the child is unwell or requires leave, he should come and inform the teacher by himself or his parents/guardian should come and inform.
  • The child should not make noise or trouble the teacher.
  • The child should agree abide by the rules laid by the teacher and accept his strict behavior willingly.


  • The child should abstain himself getting into any kind of sins.
  • The child should abstain himself from any sort of Kabeerah sins such as lying, backbiting, arrogance etc. also protect himself from sins of eyes and ears e.g.: – watching TV, listening songs etc. as these things destroy the aqlaaq and health.
  • These kinds of things develop a distance from ALLAH (SWT) and Qur’an.
  • For the best memorization of Qur’an, the best remedy is abstaining self from sins.


  • In order to provide best education, we the management have appointed a teacher who has good Aqidah, Taqwa and is a pious person.
  • Our teacher is a HAFIZ who has Tajveed rules implied in his recitation. Who is also an expert in identification of Tajveed, Makhraj, and Mutashaabihaat.
  • Our teacher behaves affectionately and shows utmost care to the students.
  • Our teacher shows keen interest and has spirit of teaching.
    The child should observe all the above features in the teachers and should be satisfied and content with his way of teaching.
  • We have strived hard to keep a teacher who is a complete graduated HAFIZ and a good Qa’ari.
  • The child is advised to do ISTIKHAARA and start with his course of Hifz.